Joshua Smith

Joshua Smith

Joshua is a generalist developer who has spent the bulk of the past 7 years developing backend services for online games. He specializes in architecture solutions and design, as he excels at seeing the big picture and bringing all of the pieces together. His strong problem solving skills and work ethic enable him to accomplish whatever he sets his mind to.




Full Sail University
Bachelor of Science, Game Development


Full Sail University

  • Salutatorian
  • Course Director’s Award
  • Merit Scholarship

Boy Scouts of America

  • Eagle Scout


Cloud Server Architect


  • Sole server developer for early titles, majority server core contributor across all titles, and currently the lead server developer of the server team.
  • Laid the foundation for game logic across all titles by designing the majority of all core frameworks, and implementing the first iterations of many major game logic subsystems.
  • Significantly simplified the development cycle by completely abstracting and automating both the SQL DAL and cache layers from the game logic layer.
  • Enabled massively multiplayer gameplay via stateless distributed cloud computing through the use of highly reliable caching for all player and gameworld data, lazily persisted to sharded SQL databases.
  • Supported highly dynamic live server configurations through real time settings modifications.
  • Secured monetization by implementing rigorous serverside purchase verification for iOS, Google Play, and Amazon.
  • Simplified entry into our games by supporting external social media logins.
  • Enriched live debugging and support through the use of high volume logging.
  • Championed internal web portals to streamline the development and support for all game servers.
  • Smoothly transitioned major server core changes via chaos testing to emulate transient and high load errors in addition to automatically tracking exact changes to user data in order to identify and fix complex bugs.
  • Unified game worlds through highly parallel matchmaking and leaderboards able to support several game modes simultaneously for millions of players.
  • Headed up in game player communication throughout multiple titles through the creation of chat and mail servers.
  • Brought about a player driven marketplace by designing and implementing an auction house server.
  • Loading/saving of saved games for XBox 360 and Nintendo 3DS.
  • Tooling/scripts for build management on XBox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo 3DS.
  • Tooling for sending debug commands from PC to XBox360.
  • Augmented reality for Nintendo 3DS.
  • Test module for automated iteration through all game area’s in order to hunt down bugs/issues, memory leaks, etc.
  • Tooling for reading data from a custom memory manager while running on the Wii and displaying it in a GUI on PC that allowed us to locate and fix fragmentation in order to improve load times from the game disc.